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We are a full service computerized teleprompting company that can meet your demands for any event that requires your speaker or talent to deliver a speech or message to a live audience or taped for later viewing.

That’s what we do….provide experienced teleprompting services for any event and application.

- Conventions – Conferences – Seminars – Corporate Presentations and Videos – Trade Shows

- TV & Film Production

- Award Shows

- Speeches

- Video Messages (for satellite or live to tape)

- Commercials

- Live Events

- Concerts

We have provided teleprompter services for Television, Cable and Satellite companies, corporate executives, politicians, actors, professional athletes and film shoots for more than a decade.

We’re based in Las Vegas, Nevada and provide teleprompting services throughout the southwest.

Whether your teleprompter needs are simple or complex, on-site or in-studio, live or recorded.

Our Presidential-Podium Prompters allow your keynote speakers to deliver their message with confidence…no need for notes or memorizing lengthy passages.

Experience Counts

TBC specializes in computerized teleprompter service and arrives on-site fully contained. We offer specialized teleprompter services which are available to clients at no additional charge*. All computer based prompting is now supported with Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) units which not only protect teleprompter computers from drops or surges in power, but allow for quick relocations without having to power-down/re-boot a computer. Have your script on a jump drive? TBC can translate your script and last minute script changes. Many producers would like to use a teleprompter in remote locations where power is not available and the budget doesn't warrant a power generator. TBC now has a power inverter available for location shooting when power is not available or readily accessible. Power for the teleprompter computer, prompter monitors and a video playback monitor can be run from TBC van (300 watts continuous, 500 watts peak.) Need an on-site printer, big floor monitor or additional prompter monitors, 2 operators at one time... whatever your teleprompter needs, TBC Can!


Video shoots

Broadcast teleprompting services can be freestanding or mounted using BetaSP, Digital Beta, DVCAM or film cameras. This option can also be used with the popular single and 3 chip minidv cameras with a riser block. These systems can also be fitted on jib arms and dollies.

PC teleprompter software accepts text files from any PC program such as Microsoft Word. The teleprompter displays smoothly scrolling text and also allows you to: set cue points to quickly access points in your script, change font type and size, change from black on white to white on black display and highlight specific lines or paragraphs of text.

Live Events

"Executive" or "Presidential Panel" prompting is a solution that is certain to bring professionalism to any public speaking occasion. Avoid poor delivery, bad timing, forgotten text, or any other number of problems associated with public speaking by using this professional speech prompter. This solution is ideal for conferences, company meetings, presentations, or any other speaking engagement.

The core of this system is an angled, reflective-glass panel that displays the script at an eye-line view with the presenter. This text is reflected from the monitor running at ground level. The result is a seamless, fluid presentation, with the audience having no hint that the system is aiding in your delivery.

Floor monitors or apposing wall projection are alternatives to executive/presidential panels.

Media Training

Teleprompters alone do not make a great speaker. Media training and teleprompter practice will increase your speaking abilities and help you develop a dynamic presentation. Along with broadcast and public speaking, media training with a teleprompter can help prepare you or your executive for TV and radio appearances, interviews, press conferences and presentations.

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